At Peace is a fitness clothing brand headquartered outside of Pittsburgh, Pa.

We believe that more recently than ever, individuals' mental health and true love for themselves have become more of a problem than ever. Individuals have become less connected with themselves, their community, and the surrounding environment.

It is our duty to personally help others get back in touch with their life and fulfill their purpose and passions. This all starts with digging deep and finding their inner peace with life.

Being At Peace is defined as ‘free from emotional or mental agitation’.

To become mentally & physically 'At Peace' you need a positive environment surrounded by like-minded individuals who all want to get better. No matter what you’re going through or what kind of day you are having, the fitness community will always be there to lean on and give you a path towards self-improvement. This is why we believe the gym is such a sacred place to not only sharpen your body, but your mind as well. Being At Peace is a constant daily battle that we all fight on a day-to-day basis, and it is our goal to help inspire others to find their peace & protect it at all costs.